The Lou Everett Group


Our Attitude determines our approach to life


Are you using something small to block the big picture?


Extraordinary development or accomplishment happens in periods or process of change! In other words…Miracles happen in Transition!

Love & Accept Yourself

If you do not love and accept yourself, you cannot love and accept others. Most importantly, if you do not value yourself you cannot truly value others. 


Leaders need to take the opportunity NOW to create the NEW normal of tomorrow for themselves and their teams. 


If you’re a leader on your team or in your organization, you need to take responsibility for removing barriers for the people you develop. 


 As a Leader, one of the building blocks of relationships is believing in people. Believing in people BEFORE they have proved themselves is the key to motivating people to reach their potential. Here are 7 principles to believing in others. 


 It is so very common for new leaders just not knowing or being taught what they should be doing to grow as a good Leader. So, here are you 6 things that you should do everyday as a Leader. 


 It is essential that now you realize the need to adapt to change. Because things have and will continue to change. Here we outlined 3 things that adapting leaders can do to be successful.