As President of The Lou Everett Group and certified Executive Leadership Coach, Lou has positively impacted lives and companies for almost three decades. He has received direct training and certifications from world re-known Executive Coaches and Speakers including the #1 Leadership guru, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

Lou has been on television, radio, and several podcasts spreading the message of positive, Influential Leadership. He is also a Certified Trainer in The Maxwell DISC Method of human behavior analysis.

Currently, Lou is writing a book entitled, emPOWERment! – 10 Principles Every Leader Must Follow to Lead by Influence, which is set to release in 2020.

Many that have worked with Lou describe him as someone that has "the true heart of a coach and teacher", and "can move an entire room to change their current path by just speaking."

The mission of 'Transforming Teams and Businesses' is not only Lou's passion, it is his personal drive and focus!

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Lou Everett - President,
Executive Leadership Coach
Lou Everett - President, Executive Leadership Coach
John Maxwell Certified
The Lou Everett Group
Lou Everett

Lou Everett
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